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            September 07, 2021
            Learner's Word of the Day
            few /?fju?/ adjective

            fewer; fewest

            A few people enjoying a park on a sunny day
            A few people enjoying a park on a sunny day
            Learner's definition of FEW

            1 : not many

            • Few people came.

            • the next/last/past few weeks

            • I know (very) few people in the class.

            • Music is one of my (very) few pleasures.

            • He caught fewer fish than the rest of us.

            • There are fewer children at the school this year.

            • Not many people came, but the few people who did enjoyed themselves.

            • Few (if any) people understand me.

            2 : not many but some — used in the phrase a few

            • Only/Just a few people came.

            • We went out for a few drinks after work.

            • I know a few people in the class.

            • The train leaves in a few minutes.

            Note : The phrases quite a few and, less commonly, not a few or (chiefly British) a good few all mean "fairly many."

            • Quite a few students from our high school go on to college.

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